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Mimi Walsh Interiors has been designing residential and commercial space for over 25 years for clients in New England, New York, North and South Carolina and Florida.  Their work has been featured in numerous national magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens and Country Home Magazine and in many local publications.


When working on a new restaurant, renovating beach houses, transforming office space, decorating city lofts, redoing retail space, working on new construction or updating a kitchen, Mimi Walsh Interiors tailors the design to reflect the client’s taste, personality and goals.  They work closely with each client to help them identify or evolve their style and then partner with architects, builders, plumbers and electricians to bring the design to life.  They have earned a reputation for being creative, organized, flexible, collaborative and solutions oriented - a winning combination that helps eliminate unnecessary stress, and keeps projects on budget and on schedule. Most of their residential and commercial clients have become good friends and are a great source of referrals for new business and new friends!


Mimi has earned a reputation for being talented, creative and resourceful.  She can quickly analyze a client’s style or vision and translate it into a cohesive, beautiful design.  She can listen to a client outline their objectives, walk into a space and visualize what it could and should look like.  She partners seamlessly with architects and builders and is a respected member of the core team. She mixes traditional and contemporary with eclectic found objects and antiques or thrift store finds to achieve results. She is known for utilizing old pieces in new ways and for transforming clients’ existing pieces with creative techniques.  She is a master at choosing just the right colors to complement a space.

Her fine arts, sculpting and clothing design background marry with her interior design education and experience to give her a broad, creative perspective. 

When not working, Mimi can be found in or on the water and has been an avid rower for more than 20 years.



Caren was a very satisfied client before officially partnering with Mimi in 2018.  She brings years of business experience, creative energy, project management and communication skills to the team and her focus at the company is on business development and management.  Caren has a love for design, a passion for travel, gardening, fabrics and architectural detail.  Her background and skills are a great complement to Mimi’s.  Prior to joining Mimi Walsh Interiors, Caren spent the bulk of her career at Natixis Investment Managers as the head of global communications.

In her spare time, you can find Caren in the garden or hosting her family.


Val Feula is responsible for technical support, website design and updates.  Val worked alongside Caren at Natixis Investment Managers and was introduced to Mimi back in 2017.  Val has a love of design and fashion and is a valuable member of the team. When Val's not behind the computer, you can find her cooking, traveling or at the beach!

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